Selling Tips

Getting Your Property Ready to Sell
Ask any buyer why they chose to purchase their new home and invariably they say because it felt right! Although the position, price or style  are all important factors in any decision to purchase, the decision to buy is influenced by the purchaser’s emotional response to the property – the Wow factor!

First Impressions
Try and imagine seeing your property for the first time. What do you need to do to create the best impression?

  • Mow lawns and weed garden beds, remove rubbish  so that the garden feels like a space to enjoy;
  • Create a feeling of welcome by adding a splash of colour with new plantings at the entrance to your home or around the entertaining area;
  • Set up outdoor furniture to help buyers picture themselves enjoying the lifestyle that your property offers;
  • Prune trees or shrubs close to the house to maximise natural light;
  • Ensure that fences are in good order;
  • Clean and dust cobwebs from the exterior of the property, to make the front entrance to your home clean and enticing;

  • De-clutter all unnecessary furniture, toys and nick-knacks so  that you create a spacious feel for your home;
  • Wash and store dishes, make up beds, clean bench tops and floors so that you create a sense of order and relaxation;
  • Open curtains and blinds, wash windows to maximise natural light;
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms and hallways;
  • Touch up painting on skirting boards and doorways to create a fresh look;
  • If you have pets, it is always best to eliminate pet odours and pet hair and remove pet droppings.

At Castlemaine Property Group as part of our professional service we are always happy to provide advice to assist you to prepare your home to sell. We can also recommend trades people and other professionals to help you achieve the best results for your home with a minimum of stress for you.